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Trauma Counselling

At Lotus Therapy, our trauma counselling approach centres on the healing power of connection. We create a safe space where you’re truly seen and heard, walking alongside you as you navigate your pain. Our Coquitlam therapists help you tap into your inner strength, fostering new ways of relating to yourself and others. Through this shared journey, you’ll transform past hurts into resilience, rediscovering hope and vitality.

Trauma Counselling in Coquitlam

Trauma can turn your world upside down. If you have gone through something traumatic, it might feel like you’ve lost pieces of yourself along the way.

Our team of counsellors, based in Coquitlam, brings you a message filled with hope: within you lies the innate power to rebuild and heal. Through trauma therapy, we are dedicated to helping you tap into that resilience, guiding you on a journey to rediscover your inner strength.

Trauma might change you, but it doesn’t have to define your forever. Healing is possible, and we truly believe that an approach that looks at the whole picture—mind, body, and soul—is the key to finding peace.

On the outside, trauma might seem like it’s all about the emotions. But it’s bigger than that. Trauma lives in our bodies, too, making us react more strongly to things that remind us of what happened.

Our Coquitlam-based trauma counselling team specializes in working alongside you, teaching you techniques to soothe and manage your responses. This approach is designed to help you process past events in a way that reduces their power to disrupt your present life.

Treatment Options for Trauma Counselling

At Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre, we believe that in our client’s healing capacity. Our registered counsellors in Coquitlam emphasize on the healing potential of emotional experiences and the transformational power of feeling seen and understood in a therapeutic setting.

Our skilled counsellors in Coquitlam use evidence-based treatments like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Internal Family Systems to help you manage and overcome anxiety. If trauma is a root cause of your anxiety, we may also integrate a trauma-informed approach, such as EMDR, to address and heal past wounds.

Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre's Approach

Our Registered Clinical Counsellors & Therapists in Vancouver & Coquitlam

We take great care in selecting the therapists we hire and only bring on those who embody our values of compassion, curiosity, and openness. We believe that these qualities are essential to creating an environment where our clients can feel safe and supported as they navigate their mental health journey.

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Benefits of Seeking Trauma Counselling

Embarking on the journey of trauma counselling is a courageous step towards healing and growth. By seeking professional help, clients can embrace their path to recovery, unlocking a future filled with hope and healing. Engaging in trauma counselling at Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre can lead to numerous benefits, such as emotional healing, restoration of self-esteem, and improved relationships. Clients learn coping strategies that enable them to face life’s challenges with newfound strength and confidence. Book a free consultation with our Coquitlam counsellors today.

Why Choose Lotus Therapy?

Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre provides compassionate, trauma-informed care through holistic, evidence-based practices in an inclusive environment, offering flexible scheduling and low-cost options to ensure accessible, quality mental health support.

Compassionate Care in a Safe Space

At Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre, our highly skilled clinicians provide a safe, inclusive space where compassion and connection foster profound healing and personal growth.

Holistic, Trauma-Informed Approach

We utilize a holistic, trauma-informed approach, integrating mind, body, and nervous system techniques to address core issues and unlock your potential.

Flexible and Accessible Quality Service

Committed to accessible care, we offer flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends, and low-cost options without compromising our evidence-based, quality service.

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