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Parent Support

If You Are An Overwhelmed Parent, You Are Not Alone! We are here to support you.

Parenting can be a difficult endeavor that sometimes requires extra support. As parents, we experience moments of doubt, anxiety and uncertainty. Doubts in our own abilities to understand and fulfill the needs of our children. 

At Lotus Therapy, we understand that the parenting journey can come with unexpected challenges and fears. Our counsellors are here to provide you with the support that you need through these difficult times.


With the right support, you could grow as a parent while giving your children everything they need!

Common Reasons for Seeking Parenting Therapy

Parenting counselling is a valuable resource for all parents, but it can be particularly beneficial to those going through difficult moments.


  • Experiencing marital issues
  • Struggling with mental health problems or grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Undergoing separation or divorce
  • Experiencing abuse or aggression
  • Teen Issues, child behaviour and development
  • Abusing illegal substances such as drugs and alcohol
A family of four laugh while sitting on the floor.


Many parents worry about how their separation or divorce may affect their children. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed with emotions of anxiety, nervousness and sadness as this journey begins.

Our counsellors will help parents navigate these changes while keeping their child’s best interests at the core of any decisions made.

Topics That Can Be Discussed in Coparenting Sessions:

  • Talking to your children about divorce and allowing them to express their feelings.
  • Certain behaviours from your child may arise like acting out in school that require special attention.
  • How to co-parent when you are no longer together as a couple


Book A Complementary Consultation With One Of Our Clinical Counsellors Today. We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

At Lotus Therapy, we understand and respect the diversity of parenting relationships and family structures. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all families, regardless of their structure or identities.

Our counsellors are trained and equipped with the necessary resources to support non-traditional structures, such as two-spirit, LGBTQ+, transgender, intersex, or genderfluid individuals.

We recognize that these individuals may face unique challenges in their parenting and family relationships, and we are committed to providing them with the support and guidance they need.

Our counsellors are also trained in cultural competency and sensitivity and are committed to providing culturally responsive and inclusive care to all families.

We are dedicated to creating an environment where all families feel welcome and supported.

If you are part of a non-traditional family structure and are seeking support and guidance in your parenting and family relationships, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our counsellors are here to help and support you.

“The greatest gift a parent has to give a child—and a lover has to give a lover—is emotionally attuned attention and timely responsiveness.”

― Sue Johnson