Grief & Loss Counselling in Coquitlam

Grief & Loss Counselling in Coquitlam

Are you struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the intensity of your emotions? Do you feel isolated in your grief, unsure of how to move forward?

The loss of a loved one can leave a profound void in our lives, and navigating the complex emotions that arise during this time can be overwhelming.

Grief is a natural response to loss, and the path to healing is different for everyone. At Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre, our experienced therapists are dedicated to guiding you through the grief process with compassionate, individualized care.

Benefits of Grief & Loss Counselling in Coquitlam

Experiencing sadness is a natural response when you lose someone close to you or face abandonment.

It hurts others to see you feeling bad, they may dismiss your feelings or tell you to accept the loss and move on. While this advice may seem helpful, it often overlooks the necessity of addressing your feelings first. The stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression precede the final stage of healing: acceptance.

Grief therapy allows you the time and space to heal at your own pace.

Grief therapy assists you in forming a fresh bond with the person you have lost. Your therapist will engage with you in discussions about the cherished memories you share with the deceased individual. Concurrently, you can confront any negative emotions, such as resentment, anger, and guilt, that may arise. You might even experience survivor’s guilt. It’s essential to recognize that these emotions are all part of the healing process.

Our experienced grief therapists can guide you in documenting your journey in a journal or other means of recording. They might also encourage you to reflect on the initial stages of therapy to acknowledge the progress you’ve made.

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Treatments Options for Grief & Loss in Coquitlam

At Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre, our therapists utilize a variety of evidence-based therapeutic modalities to support your grief journey. These may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, and Narrative Therapy, among others.

Your Journey Begins Here.

Loss can be an incredibly challenging and transformative experience. Allow our compassionate and skilled therapists to walk alongside you on your path to healing and growth. Reach out to us at to schedule a consultation, and let your journey through grief be guided by the light of understanding, empathy, and support.