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EMDR & Clinical Consultations

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Clinical Consultations

Clinical supervision is a collaborative, supportive process that offers guidance, mentorship, and oversight to therapists from more experienced professionals in the field of counselling psychology. This process not only helps therapists refine their skills and expand their knowledge, but also nurtures personal growth and self-awareness.

Clinical supervision plays a crucial role in fostering personal accountability for the quality of client care, regardless of the number of years of experience. As humans, we tend to become comfortable with what we are already good at, and clinical supervision provides a refreshing way to broaden our perspectives and knowledge of the possibilities for client healing.

Ethical challenges are inherent in psychotherapy. Clinical supervision encourages open discussion of ethical dilemmas, promoting a culture of ethical awareness and ensuring therapists make well-informed decisions.

By engaging with experienced supervisors, therapists can learn new approaches, refine their skills, and gain insights to improve their practice. This ongoing learning process is vital for staying current with the latest research and therapeutic techniques.

To book an individual consultation, email info@lotustherapy.ca

Individual EMDRIA Certification Consultation

Are you seeking to take your skills to the next level and increase your knowledge in your field? Nilou Esmaeilpour, Founder and Clinical Director of Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre provides a range of valuable consultation services to help you achieve your professional goals.

Whether you are looking to obtain EMDRIA Basic Training Hours or EMDRIA Certification Hours, Nilou offers comprehensive and personalized guidance to help you excel in these areas. Additionally, if you are faced with complex cases and require advanced consultation, Nilou can provide you with the expertise and support you need to tackle these challenges.

To book a consultation with Nilou Esmaeilpour, simply send an email to info@lotustherapy.ca or call 778-325-6505.

**For EMDR certification, EMDRIA requires a total of 20 hours of consultation. A maximum of 10 hours can be accrued in group sessions. Nilou Esmaeilpour, as an EMDR Consultant-in-Training (CIT), is qualified to provide a maximum of 15 hours that count towards fulfilling this certification prerequisite.