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My Teenager Is Making Me Depressed

My Teenager Is Making Me Depressed

Parenting is an expedition filled with diverse landscapes, from the joyous peaks of early childhood to the challenging terrains of adolescence. It’s during these teenage years that many parents find themselves facing unexpected emotional hurdles, sometimes even questioning, “Why is my teenager making me feel depressed?” As a mental health professional, I’ve witnessed firsthand the […]

Tackling Winter Blues: Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder

A picnic table in Stanley Park on a cloudy day.

When Vancouver’s skies get grey and the rain doesn’t seem to stop, many people start to feel down. This isn’t just a case of the “rainy day blues”; it’s a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). As winter approaches and daylight hours shrink, this condition sneaks in, impacting not just how we feel, but also […]