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Meet Alia

Hello, my name is Alia (she/her)

I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), and Somatic Therapist dedicated to aiding individuals in overcoming life’s challenges and fostering personal growth. With more than ten years of experience, I’ve supported clients through a spectrum of issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship conflicts, family dynamics, and social issues tied to race, culture, religion, and identity. I have a particular focus on assisting women who have endured sexual trauma or abuse, individuals grappling with disordered eating and self-harm, and those in search of defining their life’s purpose.

My therapeutic approach is grounded in a variety of proven modalities, including Internal Family Systems (IFS), Radical Acceptance, Gottman Therapeutic Approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Therapies, and Narrative Therapy. I also incorporate Somatic Experiencing, a body-oriented approach that helps individuals process and resolve the effects of trauma by focusing on the connection between the mind and body. This holistic approach allows me to address the root causes of emotional distress and support my clients in their journey towards healing and growth.

I earned my Masters of Clinical Social Work from the University of Toronto in 2014 and have been practicing for over a decade. Throughout my career, I have prioritized trauma-informed care, adopted a client-centered approach, and applied an anti-oppressive framework. I believe in creating a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment where my clients feel heard, validated, and empowered.

In my practice, I take a direct and engaging approach, fostering open and honest communication. I work collaboratively with my clients, meeting them where they are and tailoring my approach to their unique needs and goals. By building a strong therapeutic alliance based on trust and understanding, I help my clients develop the insight, skills, and resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges and achieve lasting positive change.

Alia Mai, MSW, RCC


I am deeply committed to supporting individuals from all walks of life, and I strive to create an inclusive and affirming space where diversity is celebrated. I recognize the courage it takes to seek help, and I feel honored to walk alongside my clients on their path to self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. If you are ready to embark on this transformative journey, I would be privileged to support you every step of the way.

Education & Training

  • Masters in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Toronto
  • Collaborative Specialization in Addiction Studies (CoPas) From the University of Toronto
  • Bachelors in Social Work (BSW) from York University
  • Gottman Method Couple Therapy – Levels 1, 2, & 3 Training
  • Narrative Therapy Certification
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
  • Radical Acceptance
  • Somatic Experiencing Certification
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) Training
  • Polyvagal Theory: Healing through Compassionate Connection