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Healing Through Self-Compassion

Welcome to Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre

At Lotus Therapy & Counselling Centre, we believe that therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect of and indicator for successful therapy treatment and healing. We place high value on compassion, authenticity, and the healing power of connection and belonging. 

We believe that self-compassion is an incredibly powerful tool for healing. An attitude of kindness can be cultivated by simply being in the presence of a therapist who is caring and kind. Learning about the way the nervous system works and the physiological and psychological effects of trauma, help us develop self-compassion by realizing that our struggles are not intentional, but can be explained in scientific terms. Therapy can provide the space for clients to connect with their deeper selves and self-compassion naturally arises when we are able to view ourselves more clearly.

We use approaches that go beyond traditional talk therapy (discussing events or receiving advice) and work with the brain, body, and nervous system to treat the underlying issues at their root.

For many of us, having someone actively attune to and track our states and feelings is a new experience and one that is critical to healing. This way emotional experiences can be linked to feelings of safety and connection. It also changes the way we relate to ourselves and our feelings and help us approach difficult emotions with more curiosity and compassion. When others treat us with care and compassion, it helps us relate to ourselves in positive ways as well.

Lotus Therapy & counselling Centre provides clients with an opportunity to improve emotional regulation skills by helping them become aware of their emotions (by slowing down and mindfully observe their experiences) and then moving through them without becoming dysregulated by them.

In the face of strong feelings, the therapist’s presence and ability to stay regulated can help clients to pace, ground, and contain their experience. This helps our brain learn how to “ride the wave” of emotion and the more we practice it the more our body knows how to stay on top of the wave without thinking. For people who did not have positive experiences of being regulated by their caretakers, it may be more difficult to effectively use others when dysregulation occurs.

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We believe that we are wired for growth, for healing, and for self-righting. When circumstances are right, we move toward growth and healing. At lotus Therapy, our mission is to provide you with a safe and non-judgmental space where you can harness your healing potential and be reminded that your past does not define you, but it can be the springboard to new and surprising growth.